Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Slow down

Hit a bad losing run of roulette wagers? Then rather than speed-up to try and hit winners – chill out and take a 5 minute break to refresh and hopefully return to the table with the Play Board Games game in a better way. You can even quit the roulette table and try a different one. Don't enter into an ego battle with roulette – there's only one winner! Spin for free Remember that you don't have to bet on every spin – and you can place 1 chip on red and 1 on black to spin free online casino the reel and watch the outcome without betting. It's a cool way to analyse the state of the game and make cool headed betting decisions at the roulette table. Always think when star lanes casino playing roulette – look for pockets of opportunity and consider other table bets when things aren't going your way. For example, if red and black are being evil – what about selecting a dozen section instead?

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